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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Home Remedies For Amnesia

Memory is perhaps the most critical capacity that we have as humans. Memory is simply not a record of experience, it is the basis of our knowledge of the world, our skills, our hopes and our ability to interact with others and thus influence our destinies. (Source: Biological Psychology)

Unfortunately, the disease negatively affects our unique capacity i.e. memory. When people fail to recollect the data of the past, of their own lives, they are said to have amnesia. Additionally, the person fails to retrieve the past information, stored in memory, i.e. a state of memory loss of long term nature.

As per Medilexicon’s medical dictionary, amnesia is “A disturbance in the memory of stored information of very variable durations, minutes to months, in contrast to short-term memory, manifest by total or partial inability, to recall past experiences.”

The amnesia is very different from the state of simple forgetfulness, as in case of amnesia, the patient forgets the very important events of their lives, including some of their greater achievements, key people etc., which a normal man is not expected to.

The disease can affect both the sexes, and can happen at any point of your life. There are varying kinds of amnesia, ranging from the mild one i.e. forgetting of past to the very severe one, wherein the patient dis-remembers his own identity.

Causes of Amnesia

Any kind of ailment and/or injury to the brain can result in intervening with the complicated memory, leading to amnesia. Damage to the framework of brain that constitutes the limbic system, the hippocampus and the thalamus, can cause amnesia, as it’s this part of the brain which is responsible for controlling memories and emotions.
Chiefly the causes of the disease can be categorized into categories i.e. organic and functional.

Organic causes are as follows

  • Stroke
  • Encephalitis- a kind of brain infection
  • Celiac diseases
  • Insufficient supply of oxygen to brain, in certain cases like heart attacks, carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Some medicines like sleeping drugs, e.g. ambient
  • Presence of tumor in the section administering memory of the brain
  • Head injuries, like in case of car accidents

Functional causes are as follows
The emotional shocks experienced at any point of life in whatever kind can trigger amnesia in a person. Certain sources of getting emotional shocks are as follows:

  • Being the victim of some major violent crime
  • Involvement in combating soldiers
  • In attendance to the natural disasters
  • Unfortunate in being prayed upon by the terrorists

Symptoms of Amnesia

Difficulty in retrieving the events of the past
Inability to learn the novel learning
Bewilderment and disorientation
Fractional to total loss of memory, depending upon the type of amnesia
Inability to identify the known faces and places
Made up memories either entirely or fabricated from the set of real memories with change in time of its occurrence
Clumsy movements sometimes quivering in nature
Source :Speedy Remedies

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