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Monday, April 13, 2015

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

There are innumerable benefits if you are able to keep yourself active throughout your pregnancy phase. You can ensure that the progress of your pregnancy is going on well and you do not end up developing complications that might prevent you from exercising.
But above all, the sole point to remember is that one must check with the doctor and your fitness instructor simultaneously, on whether your body is in a condition to do workouts and what type of workout is permissible. You need to act on expert suggestions to ensure your well-being as well as your unborn baby.

Given below are some of the benefits of exercising during your pregnancy term:
  • Deal with Pregnancy Fatigue Better – During the first and the later part of the third trimester most pregnant women suffer from exhaustion and low energy levels. It is but quite a paradoxical condition and too much of rest can make one feel even more drained out! Then one must also take care not to push oneself too hard during pregnancy. So the way out is, a little workout. Maybe you can go for a walk in the garden or outside or stroll around the entire house. Even a small physical activity will make you feel better and soar up the plummeting energy levels.
  • You Can Sleep Better – Often pregnant women are found to complain that they cannot fall asleep easily. But it has been noticed that if you do a regular exercise, your body will feel the necessity to rest and you will find it easier to fall asleep. But you must take note that you do not exercise just before bedtime as higher energy levels just post exercise will actually keep your sleep away.
  • Deal with Constipation and Gestational Diabetes – Most women experience constipation during their pregnancy term. Regular workouts, even a daily walking regimen will perk up your metabolic system and encourage active bowels. You will find that even your digestive system will show marked improvement. Gestational diabetes during pregnancy is quite normal. Exercising regularly helps one to lessen its impact, even avert it and even if it happens, come out of it postpartum, more easily.
  • Specific Back Exercises Help – Back pain is the common issue with most pregnant women. And the best way to prevent the back ailments is to have or develop strong abdominal muscles, and regular exercise can help you in this endeavour. There are specific back exercises that are for strengthening the back muscles and abs of pregnant women and which do not affect the tummy. Seek the advice of an expert fitness instructor and consult your doctor before you begin with them.
  • Stretches Help a Lot – Muscle cramps, especially in the legs affect most pregnant women. You will find that a little bit of stretching will do a world of good and bring in much relief from the persistent pains. You can do some simple stretches like flexing the toes upward and not downwards, and you will discover that the sore muscles in the legs and cramps are slowly warded off. If you are prone to get these cramps before bedtime, a toe or leg stretching exercise will help you get an undisturbed sleep.
  • The Possibility of an Easy Labour Increases – Although regular exercising is no guarantee that your labour would be a painless one, but it can ensure that the labour complications are less. The most important fact is that it helps your system to prepare for the stress of labour and helps you deal with it with ease.
  • Finally, give birth to a healthy baby through regular exercising. This is perhaps the most beneficial aspect of regular exercising. The chances of a healthy mom giving birth to a healthy baby are very high. Such women are found to be better equipped to deal with labour and delivery and as such their recovery period is also a lot smoother and lesser too, compared to women who are not into the habit of regular exercising. Thus, the postpartum recovery is also enhanced.

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