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Friday, April 10, 2015

Five Strategies To Lower Calories

How calorie reduction helps with weight loss is simple mathematics really. First what are calories?(a quantity of food capable of producing such an amount of energy).  Second, how does calorie reduction help with weight loss?
If a person burns more calories in their daily activity than they are taking in then that person will lose weight.  But how?  Well, when the body does not get the calories it is used to for maintaining body weight it will use other sources to take its place.  It will first look to fat(fat loss) second and not good at all is it will head to the muscles.  We want to not lose muscle only fat.  So here is five strategies to lower calories.

1.) Protein :  Protein contains four calories to each gram.  Protein maintains muscle function and aides in repair.  But taken in large amounts over your calorie intake and can be stored as fat.  We want to keep our protein a high portion of our calories just for the reason of maintaining our muscle and for repair. How calorie reduction helps with weight loss with protein is we keep protein a higher priority on our calorie list.  If you are on a 2,000 calorie diet we would aim for around 800 calories in protein.This is one of five strategies to lower calories.

2.)Carbohydrates : Carbs contain four calories to each gram and are any of a class of organic compounds that are polyhydroxy aldehydes or polyhydroxy ketones, or change to such substances on simple chemical transformations, as hydrolysis, oxidation, or reduction, and that form the supporting tissues of plants and are important food for animals and people.(Courtesy of  This definition should tell you that most of your calories from carbohydrates should come from fruits and veggetables.  The body especially the brain needs carbohydrates for fuel. These are turned to glucose in the body and fuel the brain. So around 800 calories on a 2,000calorie diet should be from carbs.  This is how calorie reduction helps with weight loss.

3.)Fats: Fat contains nine calories for every gram.  So we do not have to have as many grams of fat around 40-50 grams on a 2,000 calorie diet.  Now this would be in the form of healthy fats.  Such as Nuts and oils(flaxseed) is a good one.This is three of five strategies to lower calories.

4.) Finding your BMR(Base metabolic rate) : This is your calorie limit based on age,height,weight,body fat and activity level.  Now this is not always correct.  Everyone is different, although this will get you started so you can figure out what levels of calories you tolerate before dropping weight. This is how calorie reduction helps with weight loss.

5.) A person should be active. Five of five strategies to lower calories. Activity burns calories.  If you sit at a desk all day and do no activity and eat a 2,000 calorie diet you will probably gain weight.  Once again this depends on your body type.  So one should aim for at least 30 min of activity where your heart rate is between 40 -60% its max heart beat.  Again this is also based on your age and how healthy your heart is to began with.  Always talk with your physician before starting any exercise or diet plan to make sure you are healthy enough for it.  This tip is also how calorie reduction helps with weight loss.

Credfit : Jeremy

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