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Friday, April 10, 2015

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey provides lot of health benefits as well as helps to cure lot of health disorders. Honey remedies are natural remedies for curing various health disorders like cuts, wounds, nasal congestion, cough, asthma and so on. If you want to know how to use honey remedies for curing various health problems, read on.
Honey is one of the purest and natural forms of sweeteners that help promote general and overall health. However, it is very important to buy or get purest honey that has all the essential minerals in it. For this, you can consider dark coloured honey because the darker it is the more minerals it will contain. The benefits of honey are manifold and it is also beneficial when applied on burns or taken along with different food items for treating various health problems as well.
Benefits of Honey
Have a quick look at the health benefits of honey and how it helps to cure health disorders.
Helps to Get Sound Sleep
Honey helps you sleep well. If you find that you are suffering from mild insomnia or you have not been having good and sound sleep since last few days, you can try this out. Take a cup of hot milk and add one dessert spoon of honey.

Helps to Cope with Nasal Congestion
It helps clean nasal congestion. Take a bowl of hot water and add one or two dessert spoons of honey to it. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam for some time. You will get relief.

Helps to Deal with Osteoporosis
If you take one teaspoonful of honey on daily basis, your body will get the essential calcium required and you will stay away from problems like osteoporosis.

Makes Coping with Migraine Easier
People suffering from migraine attack can take one dessert spoon of honey mixed with half glass of warm water at the beginning of the attack. They can take another dose after twenty minutes if needed.

Heals Cuts and Wounds
Honey heals cuts, wounds, burns and wounds. Just tab some honey on it and bandage it. You will be surprised to see the fast recovery.

Other Health Benefits of Honey
  • If you have eaten anything spicy and find that you cannot get rid of the burning sensation in your tongue and throat, eat a spoonful of honey.
  • Honey when added to apple cider vinegar in equal proportion and then diluted with water helps in digestion and reduces joint inflammation also.
  • Replacing white sugar with honey helps heart patients.
  • Honey helps asthma patients stay away from attacks.
  • Regular intake of honey is also said to help live longer and stay away from problems like cancer and arthritis.
  • Honey and warm water taken in equal quantity proves to be an ideal eye wash for conjunctivitis.
  • Honey is a natural food preservative. You can replace sugar with honey while making the cake and see the difference in the taste and freshness of the cake.
  • Honey is good for newborn babies as it provides multivitamins and acts as an excellent pacifier.
  • Honey helps in curing coughs too. Honey glycerin and lemon juice mixed in right proportion helps cure cough.
  • Honey and lemon juice mixed with warm water helps in weight loss. You should take this as the first thing in the morning for better results.
  • Honey is beneficial in different types of allergies also.
  • Honey has been used since more than 2,500 years. It is because of the numerous health benefits that it is widely used in many ayurvedic medicines. Even modern day scientists are researching and trying to make use of it for allopathic medicines. The advantages of honey can be countless. It is good for all age group of people and can be taken regularly for overall health benefits. The best form of taking honey is raw. 

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