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Monday, April 6, 2015

Home Remedies for Cough

A cough is the reflex action Causes of cough include colds and chest infections(natural response) of your body in an attempt to clear irritants from your air passage.
A range of diseases and conditions from lung infections to allergies, cold and flu to cancer are known causes of cough.
You can experience a range of symptoms accompanying your cough such as wheezing, chest pain, cold and flu, whooping cough, tickling sensation in your throat, etc. that can vary according to the associated underlying cause.

Natural Home Remedies for Cough
  • Your cough can be normal or be due to some other health condition. Whatever the cause, you will find a natural remedy for cough that can prove effective in removing and treating your cough in the following list:
  • Ground one pinch of white pepper, add one teaspoon pure honey and mix thoroughly. Prepare this mixture daily and consume three to four times a day for a week. This is one of the most effective home remedies for cough.
  • Mix two teaspoonful of honey to a glass of orange juice. Take this mix twice per day to effectively reduce your cough.
  • Cough caused by an infection can be taken care of by mixing two teaspoons of pure turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk. Take one glassful in the morning, one at bedtime for two days. This is another among beneficial natural cough remedies.
  • Take some grated black pepper, mix with pure honey and take half a spoon twice a day. This will help you get rid of excess mucous and treat your cough naturally and safely.
  • If you have symptom of cough caused by cold and flu, prepare black tea with a thumb sized ginger and take some sips four times a day. Eating a raw piece ginger will have the same effect.
  • Add five teaspoons of salt to a glass of warm water, dissolve the salt thoroughly. Gargle as per requirement throughout the day. This will help clear up your throat and help reduce your cough.
  • You can confidently follow these natural treatments for cough as they are easy to adapt, are very effective, affordable, and benefit your health without rendering any side effects.

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