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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Home Remedies For Regular Aches And Pains

Much before the existence of pills and the modern antibiotics, Mother Nature offered a bountiful home remedies to cure all ills. Some home remedies to take care of your regular aches and pains
Do you have a thandai mix at home? If not, just crush about 10 almonds and mix this powder in your milk and drink it warm just before hitting the pillow. Even plain warm milk is known to induce a good night's rest. You could also apply pure cow's ghee to the soles of your feet just before bedtime. Or mix coconut oil with water and apply on your head, palms and soles before going to bed. It ensures good sleep.
You must do a self-massage using mustard oil every morning. Just take a little oil between your palms and rub it all over your body. Then take a shower. This is especially beneficial during winter. You could also mix a little mustard powder with water to make a paste and apply this on your palms and soles of your feet.

The best remedy for sunstroke is a little juice of raw mango along with salt and sugar. Have this twice or thrice a day. You could also apply onion slices on your head and forehead as this has a cooling effect. Drink lot of fluids.

If you have a regular migraine problem, include five almonds along with hot milk in your daily diet. You could also have a gram of black pepper along with honey or milk, twice or thrice a day.
There are also a lot of external applications that have proved to be beneficial. Make an almond paste by rubbing wet almonds against a stone. This can be applied to your forehead. Alternatively neem powder applied gently on the forehead is known to make you feel good. Or a wet cloth bandage dipped in water with a few drops of eau-de-cologne is also known to be very effective.

If you have a chronic back problem, keep yourself warm and eat hot items. Include garlic in your daily diet. A self-massage with eucalyptus oil is known to be beneficial. You could also use mustard oil with some boiled fennel seeds. You could take a mixture of five black pepper corns, five cloves and one-gram dry ginger powder in your tea at least twice a day.

Always avoid cold and sour things in your diet. Boil a teaspoon of Bishop's weed seeds (ajwain) in a cup of water. Add a little salt to this decoction and take it at least once a day for quick relief.

EPISTAXIS (Nose bleeding)
If it is a chronic problem, a daily intake of gulkand is extremely beneficial. Or make a murabba out of amla and have it every morning. For immediate relief, apply a bandage dipped in ice water on your forehead and nose.

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