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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Get Rid of Rash

Eager to know how to get rid of a rash easily! But before proceeding towards steps to cure rashes, it is recommended that you first ascertain the reason as to why the rash appeared because being aware of the cause can help a great deal in deciding upon the type of treatment best suited for healing the rash.
Rashes are common bumps or outbreaks on the skin that can either be localized or spread over a large area. They are accompanied by symptoms like itching, inflammation, redness, cracked skin etc.
Skin rashes can be caused by a number of reasons. Some common causes of rashes are dry skin, exposure to sun, allergies (Hives), environmental irritants, viral, bacterial or fungal infections, mosquito bites, certain skin diseases such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, and psychological factors like Stress, Anxiety etc.

How Do You Get Rid of Rashes and Spots?
• In case you are looking for ways on how to get rid of allergic rashes then you can make use of hydrocortizone creams and oral antihistamines. This is the most popular remedy to cure allergic skin rashes. Calamine lotions can also be used to relieve the irritation and itching associated with such rashes.
• Applying ice wrapped in a soft towel or cold compresses on the affected area is one of the simplest means of reducing itching caused by most of the rashes like insect bites, poison ivy, hives, heat rash and other similar conditions. Cold milk (not skimmed) can also be used for this purpose.
• If you are wondering how do I get rid of a rash with the help of natural home remedies then here are a few natural remedies. You can use witch hazel, calendula essential oil, St John’s wort and other similar herbal remedies with astringent properties. Tea tree oil and margosa oil can be used in case of infections.
• Applying aloe vera gel, olive oil or chamomile essential oil/chamomile tea bags 2-3 times in a day is the best way to get rid of rash characterized by inflammation. These natural remedies help to reduce the inflammation and facilitate the process of healing. Aloe vera also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
• Simply taking an oatmeal bath is one of the most effective home treatments for skin rashes. Just add a cup of oatmeal in your bath water and soak in it for about 15-20 minutes to soothe rash related itching, inflammation and burning sensation.

In fact, most of the suggestions on how to get rid of rashes on the arms, legs and other parts of the body usually recommend colloidal oatmeal baths. This treatment can be used to reduce heat rash, dry skin, diaper rash, chicken pox etc.
• Rub some baking powder on the affected area to heal the rash by drying it.

Preventive Measures
  • If you are interested in finding out how to get rid of rash and also prevent it from appearing again then you need to follow certain preventive measures as well.
  • For instance, a very obvious suggestion would be to stay away from allergens like nickel, chromium, platinum, aluminum and various other metals which are used in jewellery, watches, belt buckles, buttons on jeans etc.
  • Wherever possible, replace the metal products with plastic products, for example, use plastic belt buckles instead of metal ones. In case of metallic buttons, coat a layer of clear nail polish on the metal to avoid rashes.
  • Moreover, in case you have a sensitive skin then you should also avoid contact with certain chemicals present in detergents, soaps, hair dyes, cosmetic products (particularly the scented ones) etc and skin irritants like leather, rubber, poison ivy, poison oak and other similar substances.
  • Further, pay attention to personal hygiene to prevent rashes caused by fungal or bacterial infections. Leave the affected area open and let the skin breathe so as to aid in natural healing. However, do not expose the wound to direct sunlight.
  • In addition, avoid using oil based creams and lotions as far as possible, especially in case of heat rashes as they tend to trap the heat inside. Finally, resist the temptation to scratch persistently as it will only provide temporary relief and worsen the wound further.
  • You can also contribute your own suggestions and tips on how to get rid of rashes by posting your comments here.

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