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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Natural Way to Walk

A good walk provides not only good exercise, but relaxation, greater self esteem, and a sense of inner balance and harmony. Walking should be “ fluid and effortless”.

How to walk naturally?
A first step is to make certain that both feet are pointed in the direction you are going. Don’t allow your toes to veer off in opposite directions.
Allow your shoulders and arms to swing naturally. Your arms will swing faster as you walk faster.Keep your shoulders relaxed and dropped, trying not to hang your arms as if you’re carrying shopping arms. Take note that your arms are swinging as far back as they are forward.
Pull your shoulders back on slightly. Keep your body perpendicular to the ground and walk tall. If you walk in a confident manner, you will gain confidence. With each step, land on your heel. Flex your foot and allow it to roll from heel to toes.

Follow these tips for a better walk
  • Focus your attention ahead.
  • Keep your hands slightly cupped and relaxed; don’t make a fist.
  • Find a comfortable stride length; don’t overstride.
  • Land on your heels, allowing your feet to roll from heel to toes.
  • Push off with the back foot.
  • Walk an imaginary line, keeping a steady pace.
  • Try to keep your feet parallel and pointed in the direction you are going.
  • Keep your hips relaxed and swinging forward.

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