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Monday, April 6, 2015

Tips to Quit Smoking Naturally

It is difficult to quit smoking and it is with everyone. Whatever approaches or methods one follows, there are also instances where one turns back to smoking. The reason for failure to stop smoking is that, the method one followed to quit smoking might have had such effects on the body that it might have become difficult to sustain and the smoker reverts to cigarettes. Hence, natural or alternate methods must be adopted for quitting smoking.
There are many products in market, which help the quit smoking campaign, but no product is everlasting. Thus, one must opt for natural methods to quit smoking. Following lines give some Tips to Quit Smoking Naturally.

Tips to Quit Smoking Naturally. Take a firm decision:
There are several medications and drugs available in the market for assisting people who wish to stop smoking, but they will not work well if there is no strong commitment and will. Hence, the first thing any quitter must do is to take firm decision to stop smoking. Will power plays a vital role in quitting smoking. It also makes a major difference in life. The below mentioned tips may be useful only if you take a firm decision.

Start slowly:
  • The major reason why most quitters fail is they quit smoking all of a sudden which results in sudden and quick relapse. In order to prevent this, quit smoking slowly. First, reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. Take a couple of weeks to reduce the number of cigarettes to one. By then you will not depend much on smoking and you will become more confident about leaving that one cigarette also. Now, decide a specific date when you’ll completely stop smoking and do it successfully.
  • Flush nicotine from your body:
  • Once you left smoking completely, remove all the nicotine content from the body. Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices for at least two days. It is also best to have a liquid diet for the whole day. Later start following a healthy and balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, fiber and protein. It is also good to avoid junk foods and foods rich in sugar.

Get high without smoking:
  • Cigarettes contain nicotine, which makes one feel relaxed by increasing dopamine activity in brain that leads to increased pleasure that a smoker enjoys. Hence, one can enjoy the same feelings without smoking. Following are some activities which make you feel relaxed.
  • Regular exercising produces a hormone which makes you feel happy as well as relaxed.
  • When you feel like smoking a cigar, go for a jog or a short walk.
  • Go for a long bike ride or long drive to feel fresh and happy.
  • To feel relaxed and refreshed, you can also listen to music.
  • Talk to family members, friends and loved ones if you feel depressed.
  • In order to keep stress at bay, you can also opt for meditation.
  • Engage yourself in hobbies to divert your mind from smoking.
  • You can also treat and reward yourself with a dinner, a new book or movie every time when you suppress the urge of smoking.

Stay away from smoking:
  • You should anticipate the feelings and situations which usually make you feel like smoking and also try to avoid those situations. For instance:
  • Do not join the friends who may force you to smoke and also who smoke.
  • Substitute the smoke break with juice breaks or water breaks.
  • Always keep yourself busy with some or the other work, like walking, talking to friends and so on.
  • Play some riddles, puzzles or crosswords to exercise your brain.
  • Always keep your hands busy by doing some household activities like painting, writing, gardening, washing the car, etc.
  • Keep chewing gum or a hard candy and chew it when you feel like smoking.
  • Ensure you visit places that do not allow you to smoke when you go out.
  • Also try to socialize with people who do not smoke.
  • Also you can join a support group wherein you can share your problems and feelings.

Think positive:
  • This is a most important thing in the process of stopping smoking. You must think positively when you take a new resolution. You will not be a failure even if you fail once hence just be committed and confident and don’t be hard on yourself. You will succeed only when you stand by yourself. You can also involve another person in your quitting plan such that he will motivate and inspire you for keeping up with the commitment.
  • If you will follow the above mentioned steps and tips to quit smoking naturally, you will not have to use any medicated therapies or tools to stop smoking. I can assure you that you will be blessed with numerous emotional, health and social benefits of stopping smoking. Share this information on tips to quit smoking naturally with your loved ones and friends who wish to stop smoking.

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