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Monday, April 6, 2015

Tips to Quit Smoking While Pregnant

One need not advise you what would you want the best for your child who is growing inside you. If you have not quit smoking, it means that you are not aware of the risks of smoking. Whatever be the reasons, you have to concentrate on how to quit smoking as early as possible. Below lines gives you some tips to quit smoking while pregnant and impact of smoking during pregnancy.

Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy:
  • Women who smoke during pregnancy are more prone to risk factors for several pregnancy complications. Following are some of the possible complications:
  • Increased chances for an ectopic pregnancy
  • More chances for stillbirth or miscarriage. Smoking is believed to be responsible for about 115,000 miscarriages and 5,600 stillbirths every year.
  • Increase in risk of placenta previa. Placenta previa is the most dangerous condition where placenta covers cervix.
  • Increased risk of placental abruption.
  • More chances for preterm birth.
  • Increase in vaginal bleeding
  • More chances of genetic defects like cleft lip or cleft palate
  • Greater chances for apnea and sudden infant death syndrome
  • Babies who are exposed to cigarette smoke in womb, either directly or from the second hand smoke are more prone to be born with smaller head circumference, low birth weight and shorter length. In addition, prenatal exposure to cigarettes may cause long term intellectual and physical problems in children, particularly if you continue to smoke after delivery also.

Tips to Quit Smoking While Pregnant:

Following are useful tips to quit smoking while pregnant:

Eat vegetables and fruits:
This is the best tip to quit smoking. Always try to include vegetables or fruits in your diet. If no fruit is available during the lean months, then eat lots of vegetables. Try to cook three or more vegetables in one cooking that are available around you.

Always stay busy:
Another best way to quit smoking is to stay busy. Well as you are pregnant, you cannot do stuff that is stressful. So keep yourself busy with your favorite pastimes like knitting or start shopping clothes for your baby. As much as you keep your mind occupied in doing something, you will divert the mind off from the urge of smoking.

Do Yoga, Massage or Exercise:
Massage, yoga or exercise are essential to quit smoking and to overcome stress. In order to quit smoking, one must be mentally strong and physically fit. Massage is a best way to calm down and relax the tired muscles. Exercising helps in tightening the loose muscles and also rejuvenates the fatigued muscles. Exercising and yoga aids you during the delivery phase.
The above discussed tips to quit smoking while pregnant may help you in overcoming the stress and relaxes your mind.

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