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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Natural Remedies for pimples

Pimples are the milder manifestations of acne and are a result of oil building up on the skin. They can be quite a menace especially if you have a party to attend to or a date you want to go to. There are some wonderful natural remedies that can remove your pimples in a couple of days to a week. Here are some of them that can help you in feature

Aloe gel
Apply aloe vera gel on the pimple and leave it for about fifteen minutes. This can help in removing pimples in a couple of days if followed for two times a day.

Lemon juice
A combination of lemon juice and rose water when applied on the pimple and left for about half an hour every day can remove pimples in about a week.

Honey and cinnamon
A mixture of honey and cinnamon when applied on to the affected area can remove pimples in a couple of days when you leave it on the pimples overnight.

Crush a garlic clove and apply it on the affected area. You can leave it on for a long time as it is not sticky. This can help in removing the pimples and not just that, it removes the scars that are usually left over when the pimples are gone.

Papaya juice
Raw papaya juice is known to eliminate pimples when rubbed over the skin. However, it takes a long time (about a week) to remove pimples with papaya juice.

Potato juice
Grate potatoes and make a juice. When this is applied on the pimples for about 10 to 15 mins it can remove them.

Egg whites
Egg whites are another effective way to remove pimples  when it is rubbed over the pimples and washed with warm water.

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